About Me

​I’m a business & marketing strategist and Master transformational coach for entrepreneurs. I am dedicated to igniting the fire in you to pursue your dream. I have a passion for all things business and marketing, but above all doing business with purpose and fulfillment.

Throughout my journey, I have spent several years in corporate sales and started multiple six-figure businesses. During the many hurdles I faced, I found what the true meaning of success is. For me, the definition of success is to be able to share one's gifts with the world and leave it a better place than you found it. With this newly gained insight, I aligned my values with my vision and started to live my life by design.


I have multiple certifications in business and coaching, as well as real-life experience to know what it takes to build and monetize your business.  I am super passionate about helping others create real-life success and I am looking forward to helping you create your own success story.

Lets Work Together!


Our Team

Hector Vega

Business Strategist

Leadership Coach

Over 12yrs of experience in corporate leadership and business development. 

Nurgiza Tazhibaeva

Business Development & Digital Marketing Assistant 

She brings to the company her passion for digital marketing and helping businesses grow. 

Content Creator

coming soon...

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